I love Birthdays! I feel like there is never a better time to let someone know that you love having them in your life and make them feel special.

I threw a surprise tea party birthday for my sister’s 30th birthday. I made a dozen fascinators for all the women at the party and even some of the guys wore them.

I forced my husband to let me have my Christmas gift at the beginning of December to do all my holiday crafts! Yes, my Christmas gift this last year was a Cricut Maker. I previously had only had a very old Cricut Expression, and I would constantly be borrowing cartridges…

I’m currently sewing new cushion covers for our camping trailer. I found a great deal on fabric and I’m recovering them with invisible zipper and piping! I have all the top cushions done and am working on the bottom ones.

Here is an after and before shot.

Here is my color scheme and flooring for my camper remodel.

“Your son chico-”


“Nemo!” (Finding Nemo)

The Goal

Allow patrons of FamilySearch to edit names that were incorrectly indexed. Human error often rears its head on the document itself or when it is indexed by volunteers. To allow partons to correct these errors had been the number one requested…

“The difference… PRESENTATION!” (Megamind)

The Goal

FamilySearch is continually acquiring new records. We want patrons to be aware of when those collections become available. We designed and built a personalized campaign, that is released via email and promoted on the site. Two censuses had recently been indexed that contained occupations…

Mati Collings

I am a creative, a problem solver, a designer. I want to enjoy life and love what I do.

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